Hacking Federated Wiki

Federated wiki is designed to be a growing, moving, sprawling thing that can outlive any advice that I might give here. But start somewhere we must.

See Fundamentals if you are new to this wiki.


Watch Wiki Work using browser tools.

See Flat Files on your localhost.

Build From Source a few bits at a time.

Render Pages and all the page parts.

Render and Follow Links that view more pages.

Edit Pages by moving items within/between pages.

Recall Revisions by replaying the journal.


Edit Items with item-appropriate editors.

Fork Pages from remote sites or other sources.

Load Sitemaps to expand the neighborhood.

Search Sitemaps to list pages of possible interest.


I hope ten or twenty hacks will touch all the parts and confer confidence in manipulating them to one's will.

See More Wiki Resources for related writings.