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We remain excited about this platform and have become increasingly confident that it embodies important new ideas. We will explain.

We share an interest in the continued growth in federated wiki as an important concept and in the open codebase that demonstrates its advantages.

We throw around a lot of terms when we talk about federated wiki that come from a variety of sources. Here we look at the sources and mention the most common names they provide.

We show you what we find interesting in the federation and suggest how you can make yourself at home here.

Here we collect advice for operating wiki sites for others. Computers and networks vary so we stop short of step by step instructions. We report what has worked for us using the privileges available to system administrators.

Even simple things require a few steps in the wiki codebase. Here are my original notes on how to get things done.

We explain federated wiki plugins. We define their role interpreting content, recount our experience writing many, describe principles and strategies for future plugins, and offer a step-by-step guide for new plugin authors.

Here we will point to information about available transporters as well as tips for writing them yourself.

Federated wiki is designed to be a growing, moving, sprawling thing that can outlive any advice that I might give new core developers. But start somewhere we must.

We're experimenting with full text search of the federation. For the moment this is both easier to code and easier to host than searching the web. search

We have concentrated on a small number of idealistic principles, beliefs even, while ignoring considerable established practice. Only by such intense focus can we expect to find fresh solutions to persistent problems.

These pages chronicle the founding Smallest Federated Wiki project and report its early achievements with a series of short screencasts.