Watch Wiki Work

Use the browser's inspector to watch federated wiki load and then load resources it needs to render pages.

Load this wiki page lineup in another tab. lineup

Reload this web page with ⌘R while watching sections paint. Try over and over. Even with resources cached you should see at least three screen repaints.

# Inspect Elements

Find these parts of the wiki pages.

The main section has two page divs.

Each page div has twins, header, story, journal and footer.

Each story div has paragraph items and pagefold items.

Each journal div has create, add, edit and move actions.

# Inspect Network

Find these network requests with each reload.

Select JS files to see frameworks, persona and core.js.

Select XHR requests to see json and js files.

Compare page json files to dom elements.

Compare page json files to sitemap.json file.

# Navigating

Watch wiki while navigating between pages. Click the Welcome Visitors page flag to reload initial state. Click Inspector's clear button for simpler display.

Click How To Wiki link.

See how-to-wiki.json.

See html.js plugin.

See sitemap.json.

# Reflection

The federated wiki client-side application browses a web of wiki pages encoded in json and served from multiple servers. The sites aid discovery by providing sitemaps also in json.

The page json is translated to dom elements by javascript, some of which is loaded on demand, but always from the origin server.